Monday, May 5, 2014


Just playing a little catch up as usual. 
March was a tough month for me. I need to back up a bit to explain. Back in January, Sam accepted a transfer to Wichita, Kansas so he spent most of February and some of March working in Kansas, and that is where he was until right before Owen was born. Personally and professionally this is a really good move. Not only did he get a great promotion, but with the death of Sam's brother in December, we decided we would like to live within a day's drive of his family. I never, ever, ever, ever, ever, ever, ever in my life had any desire to live in or even visit Kansas, but this is what happens when a person from the east marries a person from the west and you want to live within a day's drive of both families. You end up living in Kansas. Singles be warned.
Here we are:
All joking aside, I don't think it will be a bad place to live, although it is very flat and constantly windy. Wichita is a decent sized city, so we have everything that we want or need. We actually live in Goddard, a suburb of Wichita, so everything is very close, but we're not in the middle of it. The schools are really good here, there's a great zoo close by, and the ward is nice. I think we will be happy here.

On to the March wrap-up.
One morning the kids got out of bed before me and took all the cushions off the couch looking for a lost toy. When I came downstairs, this how the couch was put back together. They couldn't figure out how to fit in one of the bottom cushions. I found it hidden behind the recliner. Like I wouldn't notice if I couldn't see the missing cushion :) It gave me a laugh. 

Mila made a bill for me to give to Owen once he was born. She said he needed to pay for ruining my tummy. She spent the last couple of months laughing about how strange my belly button looked. That's what she meant by "ruined."

39 weeks huge. I've taken pictures in this same outfit at 39 weeks with each baby. Not that it's a very cute outfit, it's just how it worked out. Each time I'm a little fatter. It's still fun to compare though.

Owen was born on Monday, the 17th (see previous post), we got out of the hospital on Wednesday, and the movers came to pack us up on Friday. 
These are the only pictures I have of Owen in our house in Pennsylvania. He was sleeping while I was cleaning.
And we said goodbye to PA. I wasn't quite ready.

We drove to Ohio on Saturday, and I stayed with my family for the rest of the month and Sam went on to Kansas to work and meet the movers with our stuff.
The kids had a lot of fun while we were in Ohio.
Mila kept wanting to play restaurant so Grandma bought her an apron and chef's hat. Grandma made menus and Mila would take our orders and bring us our food. It was pretty cute.
 Tori and Emmitt looking over the menu.
Mila found this scarf and used it as a cat's tail for days. She even slept with it in one night.
Emmitt spent lots of time following Tori around. She is always a good sport about it and is really good at playing with him. She's a fantastic aunt!
Sleepover with the cousins. Emmitt is on the phone saying goodnight to Dad.

And I took tons of pictures of this handsome little guy.
 Owen is even hip with the loom bands trend. Brielle made him a baby-sized bracelet.

So this is fun. The top picture is Owen and the bottom is Emmitt. They were taken in the same place at about the same age. It is interesting to see the similarities and differences. They look a lot alike, but Emmitt's head was so much rounder!

Sam and I also celebrated our NINTH anniversary on the 25th! Nine years sounds like so long. Sam got me the best anniversary present. He bought me a HOUSE!!! We have some painting and a few other projects we want to do, but we are really happy with it. Eventually I'll get some photos up. For now, Owen is asleep so I'm going to bed.


  1. Hooray for new babies! I think he looks like mila. I feel like every time I read your blog you're in a different state! I hope you guys like Kansas. It sounds like Sam has a good job. Much better than his job as a paperboy when mila was born (Brian and I still laugh about that).

  2. Enjoyed seeing your pictures - can't believe how your family is growing! Glad your move was safe and you're all doing well! Miss you!